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International Recruitment

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The availability of skilled labor is a major economic issue for the development of Quebec and Canadian businesses. In a context where skilled workers are rare and in high demand, international recruitment is a reliable and intuitive solution. to stimulate and consolidate business growth.

Our recruitment services are designed to make your experience smooth, easy and worry-free. We intervene from the beginning until the arrival of the worker in your company. We can also participate in its integration.

Flexibility and customization of our solutions

Our Solution keys in hand allows you to entrust us with your mandate and be assured that a trained and integrated employee will be available to you within the required timeframes, without you having to undergo administrative constraints. But if you want to participate in the recruitment process, our services are flexible and customizable.

Understand your needs

From the first meeting, we take the time toto listen and of understand your needs in terms of manpower and analyze the challenges you face.

International mobility

In collaboration with our partners reliable based abroad, we research and select for you the best candidate profiles.
Each candidate is assessed on their skills related to the position you are offering, their level of knowledge of English or French, and their willingness to immigrate to Canada. You can participate if you wish, your level of involvement in the process is up to you.

Full administrative support

Once the candidate has been selected, we will carry out all the administrative and immigration procedures that will lead to obtaining the closed work permit. This type of permit is as advantageous for you as for the selected employee: you are sure to have an employee available for a determined period, the employee as for him, has the guarantee of a stable employment for the same period. Strong ties as well as mutual trust between employer and employee is likely to prolong this collaboration.

Additional support services

We can extend our services by facilitating the integration of the new employee, from their temporary residence to their Canadian citizenship, including their permanent residence and the immigration of their family.

Our offers

  • Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Application
  • Application for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)
  • Application for a work permit Closed
  • Spousal Open Work Permit Application
  • Application for a study permit for children
  • Visa application (single or multiple)
  • Application for permanent residence.
    • Quebec experience program

    • Regular Skilled Worker Program

    • Express Entry

    • Sponsorship and family reunification

  • Application for Canadian Citizenship

  • Modification and renewal of statutes

  • Study of immigration projects and selection of programs

  • Editing and follow-up of files with government authorities

  • Recruitment and placement of foreign workers already in Canada


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I thank the firm for its incredible efforts! the sound advice provided by the consultant throughout the process of my application, allowed me to renew my status.

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