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Business immigration programs.

Canada attracts people with serious potential to contribute to the Canadian economy. Programs have been designed to promote economic development, improving the labor market by attracting investors, entrepreneurs, self-employed foreigners with available capital, management experience and entrepreneurial skills.

Through immigration programs aimed at the “business class” , Canada tends to try to develop new opportunities to allow access to new foreign markets by welcoming people familiar with these markets, their own needs and own clientele.

Depending on your experience and goals, where you plan to settle, you could opt for a federal program or one from a particular province, such as the Quebec Investor Program.

Complete our free assessment form and we'll be happy to discuss business immigration programs that might be right for you.

The most famous are :

Business start-up programs

  • These programs aim to encourage entrepreneurs to develop their business in Canada. Successful applicants sign agreements with private sector organizations in Canada, from which they can receive funding, advice and expertise to support them in the process of opening and operating their business in Canada. With this business start-up visa, Canada is targeting entrepreneurs who have the potential to establish innovative businesses and who will thus be able to compete globally and create jobs for Canadians and permanent residents.
  • The Quebec Entrepreneur Program

    The Quebec Entrepreneur Program was designed to offer qualified business owners and managers the opportunity to obtain Canadian permanent residence, provided they have the ability to create or acquire an agricultural, commercial or industry in the province of Quebec.

  • BC Entrepreneur Program

    With its strategic location, low taxes, competitive operating costs and a highly skilled multicultural workforce, British Columbia is one of the places that offers many unique business opportunities for entrepreneurs. .

Self-Employed Programs

  • Self-Employed Workers Program (Federal and Quebec)
  • Alberta Self-Employed Program Agricultural Stream

Business start-up programs

  • Federal business start-up program

Provincial designations

Some Canadian provinces nominate candidates to submit their application for permanent residence under the immigration stream reserved for business people. 

If you wish to live in one of the provinces indicated below, or if you are interested in submitting an immigration application for Quebec or under the federal component of the business start-up program, it would be interesting to consult and compare the different eligibility requirements as well as the application process. 

  • Quebec Investor Program (suspended until April 1, 2023)
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program (Part 2 currently suspended)
  • BC Entrepreneur Program Agricultural Stream
  • Entrepreneurial and Agricultural Streams of the Manitoba Business Investor Program
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneurial and Post-Graduation Streams
  • Entrepreneurial and International Graduate Streams of the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program
  • Entrepreneurial component of the Northwest Territories Entrepreneur Program.
  • Entrepreneur Stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)
  • Entrepreneurial, Owner and Farm Operator Streams of the Provincial Nominee Program for the Province of Saskatchewan
  • Territorial Immigration Candidacy Program (PTCI) for business people

Take your free assessment today and we will determine your eligibility for one or more of these programs.


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