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Our offices

803 Boulevard Labrosse,
Gatineau (QC), J8R 1G6, Canada


+1 (819) 444-6691

About our immigration consulting firm

Wokgoué Visa & Immigration Services is a Canadian immigration consulting firm, headquartered in Gatineau (Quebec). 
The firm's team advises and represents, without distinction, all foreign nationals who use its services, throughout the process of their application for immigration to Canada.
Whether you wish to obtain permanent residence, then Canadian citizenship, or whether you simply intend to stay temporarily in Canada as a visitor, student or worker, come and benefit from our personalized professional services.


Our mission

We are on a mission to help our clients, individuals and businesses, properly resolve any issues they may encounter in the Canadian immigration and citizenship process.

Our vision

Our ambition is to be a key player in immigration and Canadian citizenship, with reliability and professional ethics recognized everywhere and by everyone.

Our values


Efficiency: We deal with your case as soon as possible


Transparency: All our fees known in advance


Honesty: Your interests will always be our priority


Integrity: Our morality will never be altered


Quality: We provide impeccable services


Ultra confidentiality: We secure your information


Fairness: Strict equality of opportunity for all our clients

Let's work together to help you!

Our goal is that our customers receive the best personalized professional service possible. Entrust us with your request, it will be treated with efficiency and in complete confidentiality.

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